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Simple script that can save you from blacklist.

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This simple php scrips can be run by cron job once an hour to let you know if the qmail queue is getting full.

$x = shell_exec('/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mailqueuemng -s');

$y = explode("\n", $x);

foreach($y as $z){
$a = explode(":", $z);
$out[trim($a[0])] = trim($a[1]);

if ($out['Messages total'] > 100) {

mail('[email protected]', 'Email Problems', print_r($out, true));

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Symfony2 Doctrin2 encode password using prePersist Event Listener

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Service needs to look like this

        class: AppBundle\EventListener\UserListener
        arguments: [ "@security.password_encoder" ]
        tags: [ { name: doctrine.event_listener, event: prePersist } ]

Listener should look like that

// AppBundle\EventListener\UserListener.php

namespace AppBundle\EventListener;

use Doctrine\ORM\Event\LifecycleEventArgs;
use AppBundle\Entity\User;
use Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Encoder\UserPasswordEncoderInterface;

class UserListener
    protected $container;

    public function __construct(UserPasswordEncoderInterface $encoder)
        $this->encoder = $encoder;

    public function prePersist(LifecycleEventArgs $args)
        $entity = $args->getEntity();

        $encodedPassword = $this->encoder->encodePassword($entity, $entity->getPassword());
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