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How to kill a process by name Posted on

pkill -f index.php

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    For the surname, see Glazier (surname).

    A glazier at work, 1946.

    This Deutsche Bundespost postage stamp, issued in 1986, commemorates glaziers.
    A glazier is an experienced tradesman responsible for reducing, setting up, and removing cup (and materials used as substitutes for cup, such as some plastics).[1] Glaziers may work with glass in various surfaces and settings, such as home windows, doors, shower doorways, skylights, storefronts, displays, mirrors, facades, interior wall space, ceilings, and tabletops.[1][2]

    Contents [hide]
    1 Duties and tools
    2 Education and training Glaziers Rotherhithe, South Bermondsey, Surrey Docks, SE16, Glazing [url=]More info>>>[/url]
    3 Occupational hazards
    4 In america
    5 See also
    6 Notes
    7 External links
    Responsibilities and tools[edit]

    A couple of glazier tools
    The Occupational Perspective Handbook of the U.S. Section of Labor lists the next as typical tasks for a glazier:

    Follow specifications or blueprints
    Remove any old or broken glass before installing replacement glass
    Cut glass to the specified size and shape
    Make or install sashes or moldings for glass installation
    Fasten cup into frames or sashes with clips, moldings, or other styles of fasteners
    Add weather seal or putty around pane edges to seal joints.[3]
    The Country wide Occupational Analysis recognized by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship separates the trade into 5 prevents of skills, each with a summary of skills, and a summary of tasks and subtasks a journeyman is expected to have the ability to accomplish:[4]

    Block A – Occupational Skills

    1. Uses and maintains equipment and tools

    2. Organizes work

    3. Performs routine activities

    Block B – Commercial Screen and Door Systems

    4. Fabricates commercial screen and door systems

    5. Installs commercial door and home window systems

    Stop C – Residential Windowpane and Door Systems

    6. Installs residential home window systems

    7. Installs residential door systems

    Block D – Specialty Cup and Products

    8. Installs and Fabricates area of expertise glass and products

    9. Installs cup systems on vehicles

    Block E – Servicing

    10. Services commercial screen and door systems

    11. Services home window and door systems

    12. Services niche products and cup.

    Tools used by glaziers “include trimming boards, glass-cutting blades, straightedges, glazing knives, saws, drills, grinders, putty, and glazing compounds.”[1]

    Some glaziers work specifically with glass in automobiles; other work specifically with the safety glass found in aircraft.[1][3]

    Education and training[edit]
    Glaziers are usually educated at the high school diploma or comparative level and learn the skills of the trade through an apprenticeship program, which in the U.S. is typically four years.[3]

    In the U.S., apprenticeship programs are offered through the Country wide Cup Association as well as trade organizations and local contractors’ associations. Construction-industry glaziers are users of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades frequently.[1]

    In Ontario, Canada, apprenticeships can be found at the provincial level and authorized through the Ontario University of Trades.[5]

    Other provinces manage their own apprenticeship programs.
    The Trade of Glazier is a designated Red Seal Trade in Canada.[6]

    Occupational hazards[edit]
    Occupational hazards encountered by glaziers include the risks to be trim by glass or tools and dropping from scaffolds or ladders.[1][3] The use of heavy equipment could also cause injury: the Country wide Institute for Occupational Protection and Health (NIOSH) reported in 1990 that a journeyman glazier died within an industrial incident in Indiana after wanting to use a manlift to carry a thousand-pound case of glass which the manlift didn’t have capacity to transport.[7]

    In the United States[edit]
    According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are some 45,300 glaziers in the United States, with median pay of $38,410 per yr in 2014.[3] Two-thirds of Glaziers work in the building blocks, structure, and building exterior contractors industry, with smaller numbers working in building supplies and materials working, building finishing contracting, automotive maintenance and repair, and cup and glass product production.[2][3]

    Among the 50 states, only Connecticut and Florida require glaziers to hold a license.[3]

    See also[edit]
    Architectural glass
    Glazing in architecture
    Insulated glazing
    Stained glass
    Glass manufacturing

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